New life routines for historic moments

Given the current situation that we’re all living in (at least here in Barcelona we’re told to work from home and stay inside unless we have to go to the supermarket to buy supplies or to the pharmacy to get meds), I’ve decided to add new practices to my routine for my own behalf and benefit. I’ve been in quarantine for three days now, and we’ll still be inside for (minimum) twelve more days. By far, my routine is the following: when I wake up, I do some stretching exercises combined with yoga poses and end with a 10-min meditation using Calm app. Then, I have my usual morning routine and I prepare my boosting smoothie with banana and matcha tea together with some rye toasts with avocado. Once I’m full of beans, I come back to my room and start working in front of my laptop. Usually, I start by reading emails and planning my schedule for the day/week. Then, I start working until I feel hungry, I need a break, or I need to move and stretch my legs a bit. For the moment, this new routine is helping me to be less stress and more productive for my PhD. Also, I feel that the more relax I’m, the more creative ideas I have. I’ll keep you posted about my new adventures and routines!


Feature image from Pexels – C0 license.

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