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Irene Vigué-Guix

Ph.D. in ICT, MSc in Brain and Cognition, and BS in Biomedical Engineering

Freelance research neuroscientist & multidisciplinary artist blurring the lines between (neuro)science, tech, art, and beyond.

Research interests


Knowing about the mind, the brain and cognitive functions such as attention and perception.

Discovering the different intrisic rhythms of the brain and its potential relation to cognitive funcions.

Exploring brain-computer interfaces to connect the brain with the computers in real-time.

Learning how to analyze EEG signals from the brain and interpet the data coming from the brain.

Understanding the deep complexity of the brain projected into the micro and macroworld of life.

Relating the rhythms of the brain with different levels of consciousness and attention.

Promoting the sharing and modus operandis of open-research and open-science.

Connecting different points to my own research to have better perspective of everything.

My research

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My theses

Get to know my BS, MS and PhD theses about BCIs & cog-neuroscience.


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  • How to do research without losing our minds
    This week it was my turn to lead the seminar of my research group, and for the occasion, I wanted to spread some light on the evidence for mental health crisis in (under)graduate education & research. I presented a paper related…
  • Listening to Brain Inspired podcast – Buzsáki & Poeppel’s discussion
    I spent some part of the morning listening to Brain Inspired podcast by Paul Middlebrooks in discussion with György Buzsáki & David Poeppel and getting inspired. You can find the podcast in Google Podcast and Spotify. Abstract David, Gyuri, and…
  • My first paper is officially published!
    I’m super happy and proud to announce that my first publication paper is already alive and published at the European Journal of Neurocience (EJoN) under the Special Issue “Rhythms of the brain”: Here’s the abstact of the paper: Abstract Electrical…
  • Who we are?
    Yesterday I had the chance to watch the new documentary by Anthony Chene titlted Who we are? which touches the concepts of consciousness, neuroscience, near-death experiences, in/conscious mind, biology, and more. I reveived this documentary as a fresh air that…
  • How ads follow us around the internet
    Has ever happened to you that you are talking to a friend in a cafe about something you’re intested to buy (e.g., a pair of Salmon to go for hiking) and then you open Instagram and boom! You have an…
  • Is there a gender imbalance in neuroscience citations?
    Today at the seminar of our research grup have discussed the following paper about gender imbalance in neuroscience citations: The extent and drivers of gender imbalance in neuroscience reference lists Jordan D. Dworkin, Kristin A. Linn, Erin G. Teich, Perry…
  • The chance of taking a blink-free photo
    Nic Svenson, an IG-Nobel Prize winner, does the maths of the probability of a blink being captured by a camera. How many times you’ve taken a group-picture and someone appears with the eyes closed? Here’s the rule of the thumb…
  • Changing my PhD reading habits with a tablet
    I’ve recently changed the way I was reading papers and books for my PhD and I’ve noticed a huge difference from before and now. I used to browse on the Internet for papers about a particular topic and then print…
  • My top-list of Ig Nobel Prize winners
    This week we will hold the last research group seminar of the season before summer break and we will do a different seminar. For this occasion, we’ll do a chill & sci-fun seminar in which we’ll bring together fun scientist…


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