Changing my PhD reading habits with a tablet

I’ve recently changed the way I was reading papers and books for my PhD and I’ve noticed a huge difference from before and now.

I used to browse on the Internet for papers about a particular topic and then print (most) of them at the university because it was kind of tiring for me to read from the computer screen or the laptop. I found that I was not reading as many papers as I would like and even fewer books. To keep it short, this way of reading was not handy for me.

That changed when I got a Samsung TabS6 tablet and had a huge impact in my PhD. Now I can read papers and books anywhere, just in a few clicks from the tablet. I can comment on every single detail of a page and make drawings or schemas out of what I’m reading. Also, I don’t need to carry any books nor papers with me. They all come with me on the tablet. Fortunately, the tablet has different options to set the reading mode and avoid, in this way, getting tired to read from a screen. Especially, in the afternoon/evening with the filter for blue lighting to not interfere with my sleep rhythms. What I like the most of this option is that finally I can read as much as I want/can and I’m more up-to-date with what’s going on in my field.



Featured image from Pexels – C0 licence.

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