About me

Irene Vigué-Guix

PhD student and assistant teacher in Communication and Information Technologies at Pompeu Fabra University, with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a masters in Brain and Cognition from Pompeu Fabra University.

Currently, my interest is focused on the following:

  • Studying the relationship between ongoing neural oscillations (e.g., α-oscillations) with fluctuations in behavioural performance (e.g., reaction time) in attentional and visual perceptual tasks.
  • Using EEG-based BCI settings for hypothesis-testing with a priori set methods (ideally trough registered reports) in the cognitive neuroscience field as a test-bench for brain-behavioural theories.
  • Exploring the feasibility of EEG-based BCI applications based on theories coming from the cognitive neuroscience field.
  • Providing a proof-of-concept for harnessing on the phase and power of ongoing α-oscillations recorded non-invasively with EEG for real-time BCI, and to garner support for the role of such occipito-parietal α-oscillations in visual perception.

Lastly, I’m prone to use open-science frameworks for a better approach to the scientific process and to entail a systemic change to the way science and research are done.

Info and links of interest:


Also, in my free time (if there’s such in science) I draw, illustrate, paint and write. If you’re curious about it, you can have a look at what I do here and read what I write here.