Can we trick our brains to like doing hard tasks?

I’ve recently crossed paths with this insightful YouTube video on “How I trick my brain to like doing hard things (dopamine detox)“. Here are some questions the video starts asking: Why are some people more motivated to tackle difficult things? And is there a way to make doing difficult things, easy?


If you watch the video, you’ll get a very clear idea of the point the author wants to make and it relates our technology addiction to the oxytocin level that we have in our brains. One of the solutions the author proposes is to do an oxytocin detox consisting of removing all high-level oxytocin activities for one entire day. That would be not using your smartphone, not playing videogames, not using your laptop/computer, not listening to music, not reading any book… In conclusion, being involved in another kind of activities such as walking, meditating, reflecting on your life and goals, writing down creative ideas… All this will get you bored and will reduce your oxytocin level and you’ll not be looking for more social activities (e.g., use social media, watch movies/series) and you’ll might be prone to work more and do more long-term activities.


Feature image from Pexels – C0 license.

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