Reading, thinking, writing, coding, and teaching

At this point in my Ph.D. journey (and especially, for this quarantine), I spend my mornings under the sun on the terrace reading new articles and books both related and unrelated to my Ph.D. All the new information that I read makes me think and gives me plenty of room to write whatever comes out in my mind after that.

I consider it’s a good exercise to think outside the box and keep my brain my brain in good shape when combining reading-thinking-writing. I do feel that multi-tasking is strengthening my abilities and task-switching is less costly if I spend time in each of the whole spectra of tasks to do every day.

As a Ph.D. candidate, it is expected from me to read (and be updated with the literature of my topic), write (scientific articles and someday in the near-future my thesis), think (new research/experiments), code/program (research experiments and data analysis), organize (seminar’s meetings), and teach (as teacher assistant when needed).

So, for the way I work, I find it very helpful to do a little bit of each task every day (more or less) to keep these multi-skills in shape so they don’t get oxidated. In particular, writing in this blog makes my Ph.D. life very handy and gives me space and time to develop more of these skills and keep them up to date.


Feature image from Pexels – C0 license.

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