Does objective reality exist or do we create reality?

I’ve been recently reading a lot about quantum physics and I actually started a new category about it in my blog. I find it quite a fascinating field to explore and the more I know about it the more I feel I know less and the more I read about it. A topic that I would like to talk about here is whether objective reality exists or whether we create it.

Right now you’re are you and you’re reading this post on a screen (probably in a laptop, phone… you name it). The screen in front of you seems to exist and it’s real. However, it seems that your “classical perspective” is limiting your understanding of reality to those things you can perceive, sense, experience and cognate through your mind and your body.  According to the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics, the screen in front of you is only here because you observed it.

Is that scientifically proven by any research experiment?

Over the years, mind-boggling ideas that were previously limited to the realm of theory now can be proved in the lab settings and in space. You can read  the MIT Technology Review for more information if you’d like.

In 2019, for example, a quantum physics study found that under the right conditions, two different people can observe the same event, see two different things happen, and yet be both correct even though they disagree with each other. If you’d like to know more details of the experiment, you can read the paper in Science Advances. Or, if you prefer lighter reading, you can read this post by Futurism or this other one by

How come is that possible?

Well, there are different interpretations of why this happens. If you want to read more about them, I would recommend you to read this post.

Does objective reality exist or do we create reality?

The take-home message here is that what seems to be apparently real it’s not and that we create our own reality like if we’re wearing virtual reality glasses all the time. We see what we want to see, and we attract the real experience that we choose based on an infinite spectrum of probable realities.  If that is true, then we have the power to create the reality we want, isn’t it? How could we experience the reality that we want to live? Mmm… Stay tuned.


Feature image from Pexels – C0 license.

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