The importance of digital detox

Given that during this quarantine (my “quaratinrene“) I’m using my own room to do different tasks (e.g., sleep, meditate, do yoga, work, draw, illustrate, read, watch movies, rest…) I find it really hard to focus on just one task and make a proper task-transition without mind-wandering or thinking about something else. Maybe because of the current situation, I also feel that I’m more attached than ever to my smartphone, and I cannot productively work (as I used to do in my office at the university) because of that. So, I’ve decided to do some digital detox and avoid using my phone in working hours. It actually helps me to build a routine without interactions when I’m working and hopefully I’ll be able to be as productive as I was in my office but at home. Fingers crossed!


Feature image from Pexels – C0 license.


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