Behind the Ultracortex Mark III “Nova”and “Supernova”

The Complete Ultracortex

The Ultracortex is an open-source, 3D-printable headset intended to work with the OpenBCI system. It is capable of recording research-grade brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), and heart activity (ECG). The Ultracortex is under constant iteration. The designers and engineers are Aaron Trocola, Conor Russomanno, and Joel Murphy.


3D-printed Parts

Figure 1. Front Frame from the Ultracortex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Non-printed Parts

  • Suggested Spring 1 (x21) — aka “Weak Spring” — Century Spring Corp. Stock #: U-4 — this spring is not as strong as spring 2. We use it to mount the electrodes. The low “Rate” (1.3 lbs/in) makes it more forgiving and comfortable when holding the spikey electrode against your head. This process is described in more detail below (in the “Assembly Instructions” section).


  • Suggested Spring 2 (x5) — aka “Strong Spring” — Century Spring Corp. Stock #: S-71315S— this spring has a much stronger “Rate” (14 lb/in). This makes is ideal to act as a standoff at locations where you do not have a spiky electrode.



  • Suggested screws for fastening BOARD_MOUNT and OpenBCI Board: 1/4” #4 Drive Screw (x8).









From OpenBCI website.



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